CIRCA pays you the highest prices
for your Audemars Piguet Watches


While the most important reason to sell your Audemars to CIRCA is because we pay you the most, there are other great reasons as well. Did you know that CIRCA has 9 offices in the US, 2 in Spain and 1 in Hong Kong? That means when you want to sell your AP, you can set up an appointment with a buyer who’ll make you an offer right then and there. When you meet with our buyer, you are meeting privately – not across some jewelry counter where every one can see your private business. And unlike other places, CIRCA will pay you as soon as you accept our offer. We don’t sell your watch before we buy it. Our expertise means that we know our customers – and that means we don’t have to find them after we see your watch. Since our founding in 2000, CIRCA has been paying the most for AP’s. We appreciate the brand – almost as much as we appreciate the Clients who bring them.


At CIRCA, we specialize in purchasing all styles of Audemars watches, from vintage to modern. CIRCA offers the highest prices on Audemars Piguet and is a recognized watch buyer for all the Audemars watches. Click on the bolded collection names to see examples of items previously purchased by CIRCA. Please call or text CIRCA at 877-876-5493 if you have any questions regarding selling your Audemars. CIRCA needs your Audemars Piguet watch and will prove it with the best offer you can get.


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