Why CIRCA is the Best and Safest Place to Sell Diamonds Online

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Deciding to sell your diamond online can raise a number of concerns. You’ll find many claiming to buy diamonds, but how do you trust what you see on the internet? For over twenty years, clients have chosen CIRCA for the best value and convenience when selling their diamonds and diamond jewelry. If you’re thinking about selling your diamond online, here are some considerations before you get started.

Selling diamonds you no longer want nor wear is an eco-friendly way to fund the things that bring you joy. Whether it’s a vacation, a shopping spree, or a direct deposit into your bank account, when you want to part with the jewelry stranded in your home, selling your diamonds online can be convenient and rewarding.

But is selling a diamond online safe? While you may have some initial reservations, selling your diamond online to a reputable company will alleviate those security concerns. Choose a company with industry authority, experience, and trusted expertise. Here are some tips for the best way to sell your diamonds online.

Sell your diamonds online safely

  How can I sell my diamond safely online? Sending a diamond through the mail is the number one concern people have when contemplating an online sale. What if the package gets lost or stolen? Can the buyer claim they never received it? Is the package fully insured, both in transit, and through the final sale? What about if I don’t sell? Is it still insured on the way back? Are there hidden costs? A reputable company will provide a guarantee for the insurance value of your package, and insure it all the way through the process, which should provide you peace of mind.

“The best online diamond buyers are those that make the process simple and straightforward. Hidden fees and shipping charges should be a red flag and a reason to read the fine print further.”

The best online diamond buyers are trustworthy and transparent

  Your decision to sell diamond jewelry should be free from pressure and confusion. One of the best sources for checking the legitimacy of companies is the Better Business Bureau (BBB).

Businesses that have BBB Accreditation have proven to be honest, responsive, and transparent. Look for this accreditation in an online diamond buyer and visit their BBB page to see the company rating and reviews before you sell your diamond online.

Affiliation with other trusted partners (such as Blue Nile or the Gemological Institute of America) could also be helpful to ensure trust in the online diamond buyer you are considering.

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Understand the terms of selling diamond jewelry online

Bad experiences happen when expectations aren’t met, so it’s best to know the terms beforehand. If the company is facilitating a sale of your diamond to an individual, what is the commission? If you ship your diamond and want it returned to you, do they hold it until you pay a fee?

The best online diamond buyers are those that make the process simple and straightforward. Hidden fees and shipping charges should be a red flag and a reason to read the fine print further.

Read online reviews from others who have chosen to sell diamonds online

Online reviews can increase confidence in a company or hold them accountable for poor service. Review sites include BBB, trustpilot.com, and Facebook.

When reading reviews about the best place to sell diamond jewelry online, be wary of the outliers and use the ratings as a gauge and comparison tool. Research shows that people put more stock in negative reviews than positive ones, but the harshest reviews can be the least helpful in evaluating a service. Reviews about pricing should be taken in context. Intelligent sellers recognize that there can be a significant difference between the price when buying and the price one sells for. Harsh reviews about pricing can be posted at the ire of someone who has just received bad news about the value of their purchase. Instead, consider service, trustworthiness and transparency. You can make your own decision about whether the price offered is competitive or one you should consider.

Know your diamond

There is much more to a diamond than its shape or carat weight. Knowing its characteristics – including the 4Cs and more - can be helpful when you’re looking to sell your diamond online. A Diamond Grading Report can be particularly useful when selling online because a diamond buyer should be able to quickly and easily provide an offer range with the details provided by these reports.

If you don’t have a Diamond Grading Report, you can contact a laboratory like the GIA. However, reports aren’t necessary to sell; a trained diamond buyer can evaluate your diamond after a physical evaluation. Should you decide to sell your diamond online, look for companies who employ gemologists.

Why CIRCA is the safest way to sell your diamonds online

CIRCA is the leading international buyer of pre-owned diamonds and diamond jewelry. CIRCA’s commitment to client satisfaction has been demonstrated by providing the best value, immediate payment, and a luxurious selling experience. CIRCA’s clients have kept returning to sell again and again for over twenty years. CIRCA Maintains an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau (BBB), is trusted and recommended by Blue Nile, and is an affiliate member of the Gemological Institute of America (GIA), among other prestigious industry groups.

CIRCA provides a simple, secure, and trusted way to sell diamond jewelry online for the best value. Your package will be fully insured every step of the way; our insurance protects your item during shipment, on our premises, and through the process.

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Once your shipment arrives at our office, your diamond will be evaluated for a purchase offer. CIRCA’s diamond buyers are highly trained and have the unique skillset to evaluate the characteristics of your diamond with and without a Diamond Grading Report. CIRCA buyers look for all the nuances in your diamond which increase value. Should you accept our offer, payment will be arranged the same day. If for some reason you decline, your diamond will be shipped back to you, fully insured. At CIRCA, there is never an obligation to sell, and no hidden fees to use our services. However, if you still have some reservations about selling your diamond online, that’s ok. CIRCA also has 12 locations worldwide, where clients can meet privately with one of our highly trained and experienced diamond buyers. You’ll be provided with a written offer for your consideration, and immediate payment should you accept.

We hope this guide has proven helpful. Finding the best place to sell diamonds online means finding a trustworthy buyer, having transparency and knowledge of the process, and selling only when you feel comfortable. Selling your diamond online can be safe, easy and rewarding when you find comfort with the right buyer.

If you’re ready for a safe way to sell your diamond jewelry online for the best value, CIRCA is here to help. If you still have questions or want to learn more about how we help you sell your diamond jewelry safely and for the best price possible, contact us to speak with a buyer, schedule an appointment, or request a shipping kit today.

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