Howard Beardsley

Howard Beardsley, Director of CIRCA Palm Beach and Boca Raton, began his career 30 years ago as a polisher and jewelers’ apprentice while he was attending college. During this time, his boss quickly recognized Beardsley’s keen eye for finely made pieces and gems, urging him to continue his education at the Gemological Institute of America. In 1989, Beardsley graduated from the GIA and continued to expand his knowledge and experience. He completed the ASA Master Gemologist Appraisers Course (in 1993), the American Gem Society Certified Gemologist Course, Levels 1-4 of Patek Philippe Specialist Training, Levels 1-3 of the Breitling Specialists Training, as well as his continuing education labs. Throughout his career, Beardsley has bought, sold and appraised thousands of pieces at all market levels, working for a number of the most prominent and established retailers, including Tourneau, Hamilton Jewelers, and Mayors Jewelers.

Mr. Beardsley has been the Director of CIRCA Palm Beach and Boca Raton since 2013, where he continues to discover hidden treasures every day. One of the best parts of his job, Beardsley says, is the ability to educate clients about the unknown value of their jewelry. He explains a particular appointment where he was able to inform a client and make an offer that exceeded the client’s expectations. “A young woman made an appointment with me to meet her at her bank vault because she had inherited a large amount of jewelry and she wasn’t sure how much was real and how much of it was costume jewelry,” he describes. “She was trying to raise money to finish her Master’s Degree. After several hours, I determined that almost all of it was genuine and she not only had enough for tuition but her living expenses as well. Now that’s a good day.”