Marta Eizaguirre

Madrid & Bilbao

Marta Eizaguirre joined CIRCA in 2013 and currently serves as the Director of CIRCA Madrid. With more than 25 years experience in the luxury jewelry industry, Eizaguirre has held leadership roles at Bulgari, Hermès and Joyería Suárez. Eizaguirre was born and raised in San Sebastian, a small city in northern Spain near the French border. It was playing with her grandmother’s charm bracelet that first captivated her imagination. “I was amazed to discover the charms,” she says. “Holding each gold piece, turning it over in my hands, hearing the story of how my grandmother acquired it. I just loved it.” It would take Eizaguirre many years to pursue a career in the jewelry industry. One day she was casually talking to a friend who said she was studying gemology, and just like that Eizaguirre realized that she, too, would like to learn more about precious stones. “I knew it would be interesting,” she says, “but I wasn’t prepared for how passionate I would become. Studying gems was as fascinating as anything I had ever learned about.” Eizaguirre has received an Expert in Diamonds title from the HRD Antwerp Institute of Gemology and has completed the Jewelry Appraiser Course at the International School of Jewelry. Today, she still gets a thrill when she uncovers a hidden gem in a client’s jewelry collection. “There are always hidden treasures inside a jewelry box, and I love to find them,” she says. “it is a pleasure to learn about the next piece of jewelry, trip, or personal adventure a client is ready to pursue.”

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