CIRCA Pays You The Highest Prices For Your Carrera y Carrera Jewelry

Below are some examples of the Carrera y Carrera jewelry we’ve purchased. If you are looking to sell any of these pieces, you’ve come to the right place. At CIRCA, your jewelry is Worth More.


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Purchased in Madrid :

Carrera y Carrera Bestario Leopard Diamond Pendant Necklace


The Spanish House of Carrera y Carrera has been standing out for almost half a century in the jewelry world. Despite the fact that the brand was founded 130 years ago, its trademark style really launched CIRCA 1970, when the great-grandchildren of its founder, two cousins connected their names, for the sake of the family business. This panther pendant is white hot. But our client grew disenchanted with it after finding that it made perhaps too much of a statement for her. That’s okay. Now it’s someone else’s statement to make.



Purchased in Barcelona :

Carrera Y Carrera Tiger Smokey Quartz Ring


CIRCA offers Immediate Payment for your Carrera y Carrera Jewelry.⠀After careful evaluation, you will receive the highest possible price for the jewelry you wish to sell, and upon acceptance, immediate payment. There is nothing more important to CIRCA than your satisfaction when it comes to price, service, and integrity.


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