CIRCA Pays You The Highest Prices For Your David Webb Kingdom Collection

Below are some examples of the David Webb Kingdom Collection jewelry we’ve purchased. If you are looking to sell any of these pieces, you’ve come to the right place. At CIRCA, your David Webb is Worth More.


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Purchased in San Francisco :

David Webb Kingdom Enamel Jewelry Collection


Jewelry with names like DAVID WEBB, Harry Winston, Van Cleef & Arpels and Tiffany are likely to pique our interest because they’re so well-known. But the name you should know on your path to unlock the value of your estate, is ours – CIRCA.



Purchased in San Francisco :

David Webb Kingdom Gold, Enamel, and Emerald Leopard Bracelet


We Go Wild for Webb. CIRCA assigns premium pricing to Cartier, Van Cleef and DAVID WEBB jewelry. Whether you are selling a single bracelet or an entire collection, CIRCA will make our best offers for the jewelry that no longer brings you joy.



Purchased in Palm Beach :

David Webb Kingdom Enamel, Emerald & Diamond Horse Brooch


CIRCA was reminded recently that “A horse is horse. Of course. Of course.” Unless of course the horse was made by the famous David Webb. In that case it’s a real jewel. This piece talked to us. If you have #jewelry that you’d like to sell, you might want to come to CIRCA for a chat. If you do, you’ll likely leave with a check.



Purchased in Bethesda :

David Webb Kingdom Yellow Gold and Emerald Lion Bracelet⠀


Selling your David Webb? We’ll write a check fit for a King.⠀At CIRCA we believe that selling your fine jewelry should be rewarding. That’s why we offer you our very best price. After all, there’s probably good money hidden in your jewelry box.



Purchased in Short Hills :

David Webb Kingdom Enamel Panda & Lion Cufflinks


Lions and CIRCA and bears. Oh my! These David Webb cufflinks just make us want to visit the Emerald City. Maybe we’ll do that next week. Do you have any Webb jewelry that you no longer wear? For great value, bring it to us for immediate payment.



Purchased in Madrid :

David Webb Kingdom Yellow Gold, Diamond, Emerald & Enamel Horse Bracelet


David Webb never disappoints. This horse bangle is just one of the many wonderful animal motifs in the Webb jewelry lineup. We bought this with a number of other white enamel pieces from a discerning client who brought the entire collection to a famous auction house, but then sold to CIRCA. “I understand that some like to play the auction game. But I’d rather not horse around.”



Purchased in San Francisco :

David Webb Kingdom Enamel, Diamond, and Emerald Leopard Bracelet⠀


Impressive Jewelry Commands Impressive Offers. We purchase signed jewelry from famous makers like Cartier, Van Cleef & Arpels, DAVID WEBB and others. We make the process of selling your fine jewelry, a fine experience – and a rewarding one.



Purchased in Boca Raton :

David Webb Kingdom Yellow Gold, Emerald, Diamond & Enamel Lion Brooch


CIRCA paid a king’s ransom to secure the purchase of this diamond animal brooch by David Webb. Our client brought a number of pieces with offers from her local jeweler. We beat every offer until finally our client suggested we write the check. It’s a jungle out there. Someone has to be king.


Purchased in San Francisco :

David Webb Kingdom Yellow Gold and Emerald Snake Earrings


At CIRCA, we strive to provide our clients with the same luxury service when selling their jewelry that they experienced when they purchased their jewelry.



Purchased in Chicago :

David Webb Kingdom Yellow Gold, Diamond & Ruby Snake Bracelet


It is a delight to see David Webb jewelry. This double headed snake bangle is an iconic example of everything we look for in a Webb piece. CIRCA 1980, it is bold and warm, powerful and charming, daring and flirtatious.



Purchased in San Francisco :

David Webb Kingdom Diamond and Enamel Zebra Bracele


CIRCA offers the highest Prices for Your David Webb Jewelry. Schedule an appointment at one of our 12 office locations worldwide and discover the price your jewelry’s been looking for.



Purchased in New York :

David Webb Kingdom Yellow Gold, Enamel & Ruby Zebra Cufflinks


David Webb opened his first jewelry venue in New York City in 1947. Famed for his bold use of enamel and iconic animal motifs, Webb created a collection thought of as one of the most innovative and revered #jewelry brands of all time. A client visiting our Manhattan office had these zebra cufflinks to sell. Quite a catch for us, we just couldn’t resist. We bought them quickly, before they had a chance to gallop out. Your jewelry is Worth More at CIRCA .


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