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Your jewelry may be the most personal of all of your property. Some say the jewelry we own reflects directly on our souls. That’s why we feel it should be rare, valuable, and bold. It should be courageous, personal, sentimental, and beautiful. Yet we can all accumulate jewels that fall short of those descriptions. And while we have those certain special pieces, we also have items that once spoke to us – but not anymore. The Cartier Panthère ring is nice, but a bit ostentatious. You just can’t look at your VCA Alhambra necklace anymore. It’s the one everyone else wears. While some think the reason that people sell used jewelry is because they need the money, at CIRCA we know that’s rarely true. Actually, most people come to us to understand how to sell their jewelry because they’ve reached the conclusion that holding on to things they never wear isn’t enriching. The reason they want to sell estate jewelry or other pieces is the same reason you should. Visit us because we can offer the price your jewelry’s been looking for.


CIRCA provides the very best selling experience

I’m so pleased that I chose CIRCA. Their generous offer was more than I expected, my experience was 100% positive. I highly recommend CIRCA.

- New York City Seller

Diamond Ring

CIRCA exceeded my expectations. The expert who examined my jewelry was great at answering all my questions. I got an excellent price for my jewelry.

- Beverly Hills Seller

Cartier Diamond & Onyx Gold Bracelet

It was easy, and customer service was really responsive. I would recommend CIRCA to anyone.

- Chicago Seller

VCA Diamond & Sapphire Ring

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