CIRCA Pays You The Highest Prices For Your Rolex Datejust

If you are looking to sell your Rolex Datejust, you’ve come to the right place. CIRCA needs your Rolex watch and will prove it with the best offer you can get. Read the stories of those who’ve sold to us below.


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Purchased in Barcelona:
Rolex Datejust Stainless Steel Yellow Gold; 16233


“You wouldn’t know it by looking at me, but I used to dress to the nines,” our client suggested as he took his seat. He was all ripped jeans and white tee today and in pretty good shape for a white haired retiree. Unbuckling the Datejust from his wrist, we noticed the incongruity of which he spoke. “It doesn’t go with anything in my current wardrobe. I have one sport jacket left, having just cleaned out two storage containers worth of suits and ties. So this is a non-starter.” We get it. It’s a pretty fancy looking watch and it doesn’t speak to whom he is today. He’s sold us before and knew we’d make it easy and rewarding. “You guys are great,” he said with a handshake. It’s all the thanks we need.



Purchased in Chicago:
Rolex Datejust 41 Stainless Steel; 116334


Occasionally, we see someone who has embodied the term “conspicuous consumption”. You might say that of our most recent client, as he had several versions of the Datejust 41, all of which he now wanted to sell. The light blue face, the Roman numerals, and the eye-catching fluted bezel describe the first one on the table. We were being tested. He’d made it clear he’d been elsewhere – and that we weren’t going to see the other watches without first satisfying his expectations as to this one. I guess we passed the test.



Purchased in San Francisco:
Rolex Datejust Stainless Steel Yellow Gold; 16203


The Rhodium diamond dial on this steel and gold Datejust is striking. It blends elegantly with the steel, and really pops against the yellow gold. Our client agreed, but after almost ten years felt he was ready for something new. The watch was kept in excellent condition, and was accompanied to our office by the original paperwork. He left with paperwork too, a CIRCA purchase form and our check.



Purchased in Madrid:
Rolex Datejust Stainless Steel; 116200


No doubt, we purchase more Datejusts than any other Rolex model, and we still love the clean look of the 116200. Maybe it’s the smooth bezel, or perhaps the way the silver markers pop against the black dial, but to us, it’s undeniably handsome. “I borrowed it from my husband two years ago. Many of my friends had started wearing men’s watches, so I thought I’d give it a try. Besides, he’d already treated himself to a new one, and so this baby was all mine. But now it turns out I’VE been bitten by the Rolex bug too, so I thought I’d see what kind of offer I’d get toward a new one.” We took out a Purchase Form and wrote down our offer. Then she called her husband to ask what she should do. “He said sell it,” she told us after hanging up. He thought the number sounded pretty good. We hear that a lot. So we finished up the paperwork – but then it occurred to her, “I’ve got a lot of jewelry I haven’t worn in years. Do you guys buy that as well?” Maybe she’s been bitten by the CIRCA bug.



Purchased in San Francisco:
Rolex Datejust II Stainless Steel and Yellow Gold; 126333


“I did some legal work for a friend as a favor,” our client told us as he sat down. “Afterword, he nagged me for an invoice for months. When I thought he’d finally given up he handed me this.” What a nice gift, we thought as we looked over his steel and gold DatejustII 126333. “We met for a drink shortly after I received it, so of course I wore it. I really only wore it the few times after that when we’d catch up. It’s just not me. Now, I figure the coast is clear to turn it into money, maybe buy a watch that suits me better.” He told us that he found us on Instagram. “What can I say? I do my research?” What can we say? Our offers speak for themselves. There was no nagging involved in getting him to accept our offer. He did that immediately. The Rolex may not have been for him, but our check sure was.



Purchased in Beverly Hills:
Rolex Datejust Stainless Steel and Yellow Gold; 11623


A repeat client brought in the jewelry she was thinking of selling to our Beverly Hills office. She had sold us several times before. This time she brought along her husband. At the end of the appointment he took his Rolex steel and gold DateJust from his wrist. The factory diamond bezel and diamond dial are expensive accessories and make for a unique configuration. He asked what we’d pay. We made a bold offer and he accepted with a hand shake. His wife lamented, “Ladies First!” “Sorry Dear. Of course, please.” As she too accepted our offer.



Purchased in Bethesda:
Rolex Datejust Stainless Steel; 116264


Originally launched CIRCA 1950, this was the first Rolex to feature a rotating bezel. The US Air Force at one time equipped their Thunderbird squadron pilots with them for navigational calculations. The red second hand and red date wheel make it a standout. Our client thought it too flashy after receiving it as a gift and just never wore it. He found us with a google search, and sent it in with our prepaid federal express airbill. We got back to him the day it arrived and offered more than he was quoted on a trade by a local store. He accepted and a check was sent out immediately. The turnaround for the turnagraph was about three days from start to finish.



Purchased in Barcelona:
Rolex Datejust 41 Stainless Steel; 116300


“You bought a great watch,” we told our client as he showed us his DateJust 41. He bought this steel 116300 in 2011. With an impish smile he told us, “I never really paid much attention to watches, but I saw THIS guy, with the blue dial and Silver Roman numerals and it was love at first sight. An impulse purchase if you will.” The 41mm version of the original Datejust is in short supply with a serious demand pushing up prices right now. We pressed with an aggressive offer. “That’s for a check? That’s more than I was offered as a trade in,” he said in disbelief. We told him, “We need to buy all the ones we see, so when we see one like yours, in perfect condition with box and papers, we make our very best offer.” “Sold” he said. Guess we had him at – “You bought a great watch.”



Purchased in Short Hills:
Rolex Datejust Yellow Gold; 116208


The smooth bezel on this gold Datejust stands apart from the fluted bezels we normally encounter on similar models. “This was my every day watch during my career as an advertising exec. I haven’t worn it since my retirement party.” We see a lot of Rolex gold from former business execs, no longer sporting the statement timepiece they bandied about in a show of pride. “I made the transition just fine to casual life. But my Rolex… not so much.”



Purchased in Bethesda:
Rolex Datejust Stainless Steel; 116234


The red and black roullette wheel on this DateJust alternates color each day. In 2008 on a business trip to Vegas, Roulette paid big when our client laid $500 on 17. The Rolex store at the Bellagio pitched this feature and our client hasn’t taken it off since. Well along came the 41 millimeter version and it seemed time to trade in. Or was it? It turns out CIRCA offered more than the local authorized Rolex dealer on a trade. There are some things you just don’t gamble on. CIRCA pays the most for your watches.



Purchased in Chicago:
Rolex Datejust Stainless Steel; 116234


It’s really a point of pride to have a fluted bezel on your steel Rolex Datejust. While the uninitiated might not know, the faceted and polished 18 karat white gold frame is a beautiful yet subtle addition that gives this classic model a little jewelry all its own. We bought these two in our Chicago office on consecutive days. In fact the client with the watch on the right was referred by his friend, who sold us the one on the left. He had been to a few places before coming into our John Hancock Center office, where we made an offer that left the others in the dust. At CIRCA, we love client referrals as much as we do buying watches.



Purchased in Barcelona:
Rolex Datejust White Gold; 116139


Our client bought this Datejust precisely because no one would know that it was a solid gold watch. He loved the understated, yet beautiful dark blue croc strap that matched perfectly with the deep blue dial. But he grew disillusioned with it after only a few wearings – precisely because no one could tell that it was a solid gold watch. Now he has his eye on a Rolex President – this time in yellow gold. Sometimes that’s what we’re here for.



Purchased in Chicago:
Rolex Datejust 41 Stainless Steel; 126334


“It’s better to be lucky than good.” our client told us when presenting his DateJust 41. We weren’t sure we understood his meaning. He continued, “I did all my research on where to sell my watch. I had already decided on one reseller who made what I thought was a fair offer, and then quite by accident, my partner told me about you guys. He had done business with you years ago when selling his mother’s jewelry and it so happened he was relating a story about how knowledgeable you all were and how comfortable you made him feel through the process. It was kismet that he was talking about you at just the time when I was selling.” “We understand how you feel.” we said. “But just the same, WE have to be good to be lucky.”



Purchased in Bethesda:
Rolex Datejust Everose Gold; 116135


Ever since she wore her boyfriend’s Rolex when she was in her twenties, she loved the feeling of wearing a man’s watch. That over size style prompted her to buy this Everose Datejust a few years ago. “I just needed to girl it up with diamonds and pink gold. Today I don’t really wear it at all though.” She brought it to our Bethesda office after trying to sell it online for a few weeks. “It gets frustrating after you’ve uploaded it. You wait for a response. I guess I’m more of an immediate gratification kind of woman.”



Purchased in San Francisco:
Rolex Datejust Stainless Steel; 16220


Our client bought himself this steel Datejust when he was first elected as a judge to the Civil Court in New York. “The pinstripe dial blends with the color of the steel. Everyone was into that monochromatic look at the time.” Fifteen years and a couple of watches later, he finally felt it was okay to let this one go. “I’m usually quite decisive, but I couldn’t make up my mind what to do with a watch that I was no longer wearing.” We concurred, and furthered his argument by proposing a solid offer. The conversation stopped while he thought for a moment. “So? What’s the verdict” we asked. He responded with conviction, “We have a deal.”



Purchased in Bethesda:
Rolex Datejust Stainless Steel Everose Gold; 116233


“Last year I walked into my local authorized Rolex retailer and asked straight out if he could show me a Daytona. He was very kind, but clear. It would be impossible. I guess I was in the dark about just how hard it was to buy one. ‘What else do you have,’ I asked. Then he showed me this. I thought the combination of pink gold and steel looked great. I especially loved how the Roman numerals and fluted bezel matched with the bracelet. Before I knew it, he had it on my wrist, so I left it there. Impulsive. I know.” The DateJust 36 steel and gold is without a doubt a beauty. Now our client wanted to know what we’d pay for it. We made our offer and then he remarked, “Hmmm. I actually thought I’d keep it. But now I think I’ll just leave it here. Impulsive. I know.” Consistent anyway.


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