CIRCA Pays You The Highest Prices For Your Rolex Explorer


If you are looking to sell your Rolex Explorer, you’ve come to the right place. CIRCA needs your Rolex watch and will prove it with the best offer you can get. Read the stories of those who’ve sold to us below.


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Purchased in Short Hills:
Rolex Explorer Stainless Steel; 1016


An Explorer of any vintage is pretty recognizable. This modern version harkens back to the classic 1016, right down to the 3, 6 and 9 Arabic numerals against the black dial. Our client bought hers a few years ago thinking she would join the ever growing movement of women who wear men’s Rolexes. “I never got used to it though.” she said. “I guess I’m more traditional than I thought.” Well, we’re traditional too, and one of our traditions is presenting our clients with the highest written offers. Now she’s part another great movement; that of satisfied CIRCA clients.



Purchased in New York:
Vintage Rolex Explorer Stainless Steel; 1016


A vintage Explorer with original papers is a rare and special thing. Our client, now retired, treated himself to this new, when he joined the San Francisco police force. Since retirement, this Rolex Explorer 1016 hasn’t seen the light of day. He had been hearing that these vintage sport models had become quite collectible. We confirmed his suspicion with an offer of more than 50 times what he’d paid. He’ll be using the proceeds to help fund his grandson’s education – an education that starts with a unique understanding of the laws of supply and demand.



Purchased in Chicago:
Rolex Explorer Stainless Steel; 1016


It always astounds us how meticulous Rolex owners are about their timepieces. They often keep the original box and papers. Many have them serviced and updated throughout their lives. This 1016 Explorer looks as if it went straight from the showroom to our office, but for a notable exception. The hands have been replaced. It seems like a minor detail and in many ways it is. But minor details make major value differences for collectors and unfortunately for us as well. While we still gave a massive price, we could have doubled our offer it were all original.



Purchased in Bethesda:
Vintage Rolex Explorer Stainless Steel; 1016


Like a fine wine, Rolex sport models just get better with age. This 1016 fat font Explorer CIRCA 1960 with tropical dial is wow. We were lucky to be offered such a rare and collectible timepiece and paid a lot for the privilege.



Purchased in Madrid:
Vintage Rolex Explorer Stainless Steel; 6610


“I only got the head.” our client said of his Rolex Explorer. His dad had long since thrown out the well worn bracelet in favor of a strap. This 6610 is a 1950’s model Explorer which precedes the 1016. Small by today’s standards, it still gets sizable attention from our collectors. Our client wasn’t expecting much. He knew that it was an oldie; he just didn’t think it was a goodie – that is until we wrote down what we’d pay. “You understand I don’t have the rest of the watch. Right?” We understood. “What can I say?” he continued. “How about, Yes?” He shook our hand for good measure.



Purchased in New York:
Rolex Explorer Stainless Steel; 214270


Our client removed the box from his satchel to reveal a brand new steel Explorer, 214270. “I wore it on my first day to work at my wife’s insistence. She’d bought it for me when I landed the job. But when I go in, I notice that my direct boss is sporting the exact same model. I was embarrassed, so I slide it off without him seeing. I know it’s a stupid reason to sell. My wife told me to wear it anyway. But I just can’t.” We’ve owned this model many times and made an offer to help get past his embarrassment. “By the way,” we inquired “what is it that you do?” “Me? I work for Microsoft,” he responded dryly. “Don’t tell me. Their internet browser?” “Yep.”


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