CIRCA Pays You The Highest Prices For Your Rolex GMT-Master II

If you are looking to sell your Rolex GMT-Master II, you’ve come to the right place. CIRCA needs your Rolex watch and will prove it with the best offer you can get. Read the stories of those who’ve sold to us below.


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Purchased in Barcelona:
Rolex GMT-Master II “Coke” Stainless Steel; 16750


The soft drink advertising wars of the 60’s, 70’s, and 80’s spilled over into the Rolex world where watch enthusiasts use the descriptors to more easily reference the color combinations of their favorite timepieces. When our client brought this 16750 to our Bethesda location, he asked us, “What will you pay for my Pepsi?” Never wanting to embarrass, we examined the watch. All steel sport models remain in high demand and this is no exception. We noted the box and papers which certainly highlight authenticity and add value, and so we wrote down our offer. “Wow,” he said, “these Pepsis are really bringing money.” We shook hands, wrote a check and thanked him for the business. In fact we do pay good money for Pepsis these days. And of course, a lot also for this Coke.



Purchased in Boca Raton:
Rolex GMT-Master II “Batman” Stainless Steel; 116710BLNR


“It’s just too… I don’t know. Heroic?” Our client is quite a Joker when she wants to be. She reached in her purse to show us her steel 116710BLNR GMT-Master II. While she usually sells us her jewelry, this time it was her watch – and she was on a roll. “I tried to love it, but I just couldn’t do it justice. I figured, it’d be a dark night before I wore this again.” We were all smiles. True, she was all puns, but the smile was really there for the watch. “Riddle me this,” she started up again, “What’s bigger than others? Better than most? And faster than all?” We saw where this was going, so we showed her our check. “Exactly” she said.



Purchased in Palm Beach:
Rolex GMT-Master II Stainless Steel; 16710


We recently bought this CIRCA 2005 steel GMT II, from a New York literary agent. “I’m here to see what I’ll get for it. Since hearing that the values of these steel Rolexes have been rising, I needed to see for myself whether that was just fiction.” We wrote down what we’d pay and he didn’t have to make any edits to our offer. Our check went right to print. “You’re paying more or less what I paid – and I got to wear the watch!” “We’ve heard from our clients that selling their watch can be a horror story. It’s our goal to take the drama and mystery out of the process.” He folded the check to slide into his pocket, “Now that’s a happy ending.”



Purchased in Barcelona:
Rolex GMT-Master II “Root Beer” Stainless Steel and Yellow Gold; 16713


This 16713 GMT-Master II retains a niche amongst Rolex collectors. The unique color combination of the rust, gold and deep brown bezel, along with the steel and gold bracelet helped to dub this watch model the rootbeer. A first time client brought this one into our Barçelona office and walked out with a check minutes later. He remarked that he didn’t even have time to finish his… wait for it… Pepsi.



Purchased in Palm Beach:
Rolex GMT-Master II “Batman” Stainless Steel; 116710BLNR


Holy double time! Talk about a dynamic duo! The GMT-Master II with the blue and black Ceramic bezel, nicknamed the Batman Rolex, matched one we bought earlier in the week. We actually got into a fight with a competitor over it who claimed he’d pay more than anyone else. Needless to say we pulled no punches. I mean, “Holy highest prices paid, Batman.” We had to have this watch. Tune in next week to see how we get out of this one.



Purchased in Chicago:
Rolex GMT-Master II “Coke” Stainless Steel; 16710


“Thanks for seeing me on such short notice,” our client said as he sat down. “I just have the one Rolex I’m looking to sell.” We see a lot of GMT Masters, but each one is a different year and they all come in different conditions – sometimes with a box, sometimes with original paperwork. The smallest nuance can have significant impact on pricing. In this case it was pretty straight forward. “That’s fine,” our client said upon hearing our offer. And with that he thanked us again, signed off on our paperwork and folded the check we gave him to put in his wallet.



Purchased in Madrid:
Rolex GMT-Master II Yellow Gold; 116718


Our client received this solid gold GMT-Master II as an award from his company. He felt like an imposter in it though as a 30 year-old, in this audacious gold watch. He preferred the steel Submariner he bought on his own a few year earlier, he said while we were examining the box and papers and tags of the Rolex GMT. We’ve bought this model before, it’s still pretty impressive with the yellow gold case and bracelet contrasting so elegantly with the green dial and black ceramic bezel. “But you’ve got to be able to pull it off.” And so he did as we wrote him his check.



Purchased in New York:
Rolex GMT-Master II “Batman” Stainless Steel; 116710BLNR


This GMT-II is nicknamed the Batman, after its blue and black bezel. This watch might be more desirable than a bat utility belt. Our client, a major Rolex collector, was one of the first to purchase it at its release. While he had mixed feelings about letting it go, he decided to test the waters and bring it in to us. Needless to say, we were very eager buyers, and made an offer that even a caped crusader couldn’t refuse.


Purchased in Bethesda:
Rolex Stainless Steel GMT-Master II; 116710LN


“I’ve worn it for over ten years, I can let it go now, I’ve got other watches,” our client said as he slid the steel GMT-MasterII from his wrist. While it’s a cold thing to say about a watch so many covet, we found ourselves ready to defend the Rolex from such a casual disregard – even though you might think it somehow antithetical to our mission. After a beat though, he admitted how much he loved the watch, and how he’d worn it every day. You see it was his wife who told him she wished he’d wear the watch she’d given him for his birthday. With a sense of relief, we made an offer to make parting with his old friend easy. “I hope whoever winds up with it enjoys it as much as I did,” he said as he got into the elevator. No doubt. Still we thought to ourselves it won’t be long before we buy the wife’s birthday present watch.



Purchased in Short Hills:
Rolex GMT-Master II “Coke” Stainless Steel; 16710


It’s always nice to see a Rolex sport watch with a colored bezel and this GMT-Master II is no exception. This particular watch is well loved but it looks and runs great. We stopped being surprised at the value retention these models enjoy years ago. Our client however, had a tough time keeping his cool as he remembered exactly what he paid for it from an authorized Rolex dealer more than 15 years ago. It was hard to fathom how we could pay more. At CIRCA, we have the knowledge and resources to make you the best offer.


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