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If you are looking to sell your Rolex President, you’ve come to the right place. CIRCA needs your Rolex watch and will prove it with the best offer you can get. Read the stories of those who’ve sold to us below.


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Purchased in Palm Beach :

Rolex President Day-Date Yellow Gold; 118238


We have a number of clients that return every year or so to sell us the watches they’re done wearing. One such client always visits the Palm Beach office in early November, and like clockwork he joined us again this year. Among the watches he chose to let go of this time was this 118238 Rolex President. “You know, I sold you a President a few years ago that was pretty well worn. I bought this one as a replacement the next day. Only I really never got in the habit of wearing it like I did the last one.” We noted that it was like new and made an offer commensurate with its condition. “That’s a good amount more than the old one I sold you!” “Some of our customers really appreciate the newer models.”



Purchased in Chicago :

Rolex President Day-Date Yellow Gold; 18078


One of our buyers was in his dentist’s office finishing a check-up. The dentist, noting our buyer’s teeth impressions, asked him what he did for a living. He explained that he was a buyer of fine watches. Before he left, the dentist slid his Rolex Day-Date, 18078 from his wrist. “I thought my son would like it, but he passed.” It happens from time to time that we’re asked to make an assessment on the spot. Our buyer knew exactly what he’d pay the moment he saw it. “The bark finish is not for everyone, but we have collectors that like them,” he said sucking air through his newly cleaned teeth. “I was actually a bit afraid,” the Dr. shared, “to hear what I imagined the offer might be, but I’d sell for that.” Our buyer, having been told of his excellent teeth alignment, now made an appointment for HIM at OUR office – which begs the question. Is the doctor’s “bark” worse than our buyer’s “bite”?



Purchased in Beverly Hills :

Rolex President Day-Date Yellow Gold; 18238


“I feel like after twenty five years, I’m entitled to a new watch.” said our client as he took a seat in our Beverly Hills office. Then he took off this mid 90’s Rolex Day-Date President, ref. 18238, and placed it on the table. As we examined it, he sheepishly confessed, “The watch has aged beautifully, but it’s getting tougher to focus on the time.” We get it, the 18 Karat yellow gold case and bracelet make a statement but not about the time. The gold pinstripe dial has a tendency to blend in with the hands and markers. They’re much easier for younger eyes. He did pick a great time to sell, however. We’ve seen a nice spike in preowned Day Dates, especially those with double quick movements. He had no problem focusing on our written offer. “That’s more than my local dealer offered, and that was only if I traded it in for something of greater value. I’m glad my wife sent me here. It’s a nice experience.” We completed the paperwork and prepared his check. At least his foresight’s 20/20.



Purchased in Boca Raton:

Rolex President Day-Date Yellow Gold; 18238


The Day-Date Oyster quartz first appeared CIRCA 1970. The design is uncharacteristic of a Rolex for the time. With the angular case, integrated band, and a sapphire crystal, it was considered something of a dog in Europe, but was sought-after in the Asian and American markets. The era of the Rolex quartz watch ended in 2001, having lasted less than three decades. Our client wanted to sell his after 25 years on his wrist and 15 years in the back of a drawer. We loved the bark finish on this model and bought it with a fan in mind.



Purchased in Madrid :

Rolex President Day Date Yellow Gold; 18238


Rolex by any other name… Today we celebrate Presidents Day with a recent acquisition. True, the days here are displayed in Spanish, but the US has a rather diverse population. At CIRCA we celebrate that diversity by buying watches of all types, so long as they are Swiss. 😉 Happy President’s Day.



Purchased in Greenwich :

Rolex President Day-Date Yellow Gold; 18238


The all gold Rolex President has been a staple of the Rolex lineup since it was introduced in 1956. By the mid 70’s it was being worn by the likes of CEO’s and Presidents, hence the name. Our client was awarded his by his company for meeting a major sales goal and wore it until retirement. Apparently coffee and Rolex are for closers. He closed twice. Again when he sold it to CIRCA.



Purchased in Barcelona :

Rolex President Day-Date Yellow Gold; 118238


This Day-Date President 118238, found its way to our Barcelona office on the wrist of its soon to be ex-owner, a somewhat famous matrimonial lawyer from those parts. He’d received it as a gift from a well heeled, worldly woman, who despite her already hefty collection of invoices for his counsel, was happy enough with her result that she still felt compelled to bestow upon him this gift in gratitude. While it’s true he’d always wanted a Rolex, after a few years of wear, he’d felt the gold personally too flashy. While it wasn’t suiting him, our needs for this classic model never seems to go from style. He’d raised no objection to our offer and as always settlement was immediate. Caso cerrado.


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