CIRCA Pays You The Highest Prices For Your Vintage Cartier Jewelry

Below are some examples of the Vintage Cartier jewelry we’ve purchased. If you are looking to sell any of these pieces, you’ve come to the right place. At CIRCA, your Cartier is Worth More.


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Purchased in New York :

Vintage Cartier Coral Bracelet


CIRCA purchases jewelry, whether signed or unsigned, whether modern or vintage. It takes a discerning eye to recognize how the rarity of this vintage Cartier coral bracelet impacts its value. Our client brought this gem to our New York office and asked if her bracelet is worth as much as it would be if it were from a current design. “What was our response?” you might ask. It’s Worth More.



Purchased in Chicago :

Vintage Cartier Diamond Earrings


CIRCA met with our client who has been a friend and selling us for several years now. She had these to sell, Cartier CIRCA 1970. They were for every day. But now every day is not diamond earring day, or so she says. “Today though, is CIRCA Day!” she said with a smile.



Purchased in New York :

Vintage Cartier Ladybug Brooch


Having a ladybug land on you is a symbol of good luck. Having a Cartier ladybug is even better. As the saying goes, one must count the number of spots to reveal the number of months of good fortune ahead. Our client didn’t need to count the spots on her Vintage Cartier brooch to determine her fortune; she came to CIRCA instead.



Purchased in Greenwich :

Vintage Cartier Yellow Gold Bracelets


A client recently visited our Greenwich office with these vintage Cartier gold bracelets to sell. She mentioned that her daughter had asked for a Cartier bracelet for her birthday, so she happily gifted these to her from her own collection. “No good deed goes unpunished. Apparently she wanted a LOVE bracelet, and not ‘mom’s old jewelry’. ” Fortunately, we knew someone who would adore these Cartier beauties, so we made our client an offer we knew she’d “Love”. She happily accepted our check, and said she would use it to purchase the bracelet her daughter wanted instead. “Kids these days!”



Purchased in Barcelona :

Vintage Cartier Sapphire Dress Set


CIRCA specializes in buying vintage jewelry from all eras, whether Edwardian, Victorian, Art Nouveau, Art Deco, Retro, or even more recent iconic periods. CIRCA’s jewelry buyers have unparalleled expertise in recognizing and evaluating the finest vintage pieces. Vintage jewelry can be even more valuable when it is attributed to a famous maker like Cartier, Van Cleef & Arpels, Boucheron, Chaumet, Bel Perron, Tiffany, Schlumberger, Mauboussin, and others.



Purchased in New York :

Vintage Cartier Platinum Art Deco Diamond & Emerald Bracelet


We purchased this Cartier deco diamond and emerald bracelet CIRCA 1930 from a client looking to sell her family’s estate. Dividing an estate between family members can be difficult, both emotionally and financially. At CIRCA, we can alleviate some of those difficulties by providing professional service, great value, and immediate payment for the jewelry you and your family wish to sell.



Purchased in Bethesda :

Vintage Cartier Sunburst Earrings


These sweet little sunburst earrings depict quite a heatwave. A favorite jewelry motif, Cartier made these circa 1940. Our day brightened right up when our client took these out of her purse. But her smile was even brighter when we told her what we’d pay. At CIRCA, your jewelry is always Worth More.



Purchased in San Francisco :

Vintage Cartier Tiger’s Eye Bracelet


CIRCA was revisited recently by a client who had previously sold her jewelry to CIRCA. She had received this vintage Cartier bracelet for her 9th wedding anniversary. “Ninth?” we asked. “It’s a thing. Don’t ask.” We didn’t. “So that price you wrote down, is that what you’d pay?” “Yes. Of course. We’ll make out a check for you, if you like.” “I like….”


Purchased in Madrid :

Vintage Cartier Panthère Yellow Diamond, Onyx Earrings


We go Wild for Cartier. How Wild? We’ll Show You With Our Checkbook. Visit one of our 12 office locations today and discover the price your jewelry’s been looking for.



Purchased in San Francisco :

Vintage Cartier Penelope Bracelet


CIRCA recently purchased this Cartier Penelope gold and diamond bracelet from a client in San Francisco. She said she was hesitant to sell her jewelry because there was no place that offered the same discreet, luxury service as she had experienced when she originally purchased the bracelet many years ago. That is…until now. ⠀



Purchased in Beverly Hills :

Vintage Cartier Diamond Necklace


When it was time to buy this beautiful, gold and diamond necklace, she went to a luxurious house that treated her right. They made her feel comfortable and assured her that she’d love it for many years to come. She went to Cartier. Now it was time to part with it. She wanted a luxury experience where she’d be treated right. She wanted to go where she’d be comfortable and assured that she was making the right decision. She went to CIRCA.



Purchased in New York :

Vintage Cartier Panthère Yellow Diamond, Onyx Earrings


Fiercely adorned with canary yellow diamonds and onyx stripes, these Cartier Panthère earrings are of the tiger variety. CIRCA 1990, they are the epitome of elegance and style. The Panthère collection, unleashed by Cartier’s creative director Jeanne Toussaint in 1914, has remained one of the most coveted and iconic collections in the world of luxury and fashion today. When our client decided it was time to sell her jewelry, she chose CIRCA. We were delighted by her choice, and she was delighted with our check. Are you as wild about these earrings as we are?



Purchased in San Francisco :

Vintage Cartier Diamond Ring


Vintage jewelry with names like Cartier, Harry Winston, Van Cleef & Arpels and Tiffany are likely to pique our interest because they’re so well-known. But the name you should know on your path to unlock the value of your estate, is ours – CIRCA.



Purchased in Chicago :

Vintage Cartier Djigar Earrings & Ring


This purchase came as a referral from a longtime client in Chicago. The Cartier suite was accompanied by our most recent satisfied client who in turn told us of the friends she would refer. The Djigar earrings and ring suite depict elephants walking. Legend has it that elephants never forget. And you should never forget the lengths to which CIRCA will go to make a satisfied client of you.



Purchased in New York :

Vintage Cartier Draperie Yellow Gold Diamond Necklace & Bracelet


Out with the old… A New York client recently sold us this Cartier Draperie necklace and matching bracelet she received as a gift a few years ago from a past romance. Every time she looked at the set the memories came swirling back. She could no longer bring herself to wear them. With the New Year just around the corner, it was time to finally move on. When you’re ready to let go and move forward, come to CIRCA to receive the best value and immediate payment for jewelry you no longer wear. Now may be the best time to sell your jewelry. New Year, New You.



Purchased in Short Hills :

Vintage Cartier Platinum Diamond Watch Pendant


At CIRCA we understand estate jewelry, but we also understand what can be involved in the selling of an estate. We’re here to help. The way we do that is by providing information so that you can make an informed decision. We’ll write down our offers for your consideration, so that you’ll have time to discuss that information with your family. And that should give you peace of mind.



Purchased in Greenwich :

Vintage Cartier Draperie Yellow Gold Necklace


“I felt so glamorous the first time my husband surprised me and draped this on my neck. I wore it all the time. That was back in the 90’s, and now this style feels a bit dated. Now the only thing this necklace drapes is the inside of this box. It’s time for me to sell and purchase something of this decade!”


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