Time For Diamond Watches!

The ladies Patek Twenty-4, inspired by the design of the men’s Gondolo watch, is a classic timepiece. The collection launched in 1999, debuting diamonds in stainless steel and eventually in gold bracelets. It’s been adding elegance to women’s style ever since. The name “Twenty-4” comes from the idea that a woman would wear the watch twenty-four hours a day. “When I bought the watch I thought I was that woman. Now the watch spends more time in my drawer than on my wrist. So for me, it was time to sell.” As always, CIRCA was happy to provide our client with the immediate payment for the watch she no longer wore.

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Diamond & Gold Rolex Masterpiece

CIRCA was visited by a client who coyly smiled and said: “I have a masterpiece for you.” To our delight, our client reached into her purse and presented us with an actual Rolex Masterpiece. She said she could not let go of a watch as special as this unless it was for the right price, and she knew CIRCA would deliver. And she was right.










Diamond & Gold Buccellati Eliochron

CIRCA purchased this extraordinary watch from a client of ours in Hong Kong. The gold and diamond Eliochron embodies much of what attracts women to the Buccellatti brand – each piece is a distinctive, elegant, and feminine work of art. Our client decided she wanted more art on her walls and less on her wrist, so she visited CIRCA to sell her collection. “When selling the best, I should go to the best.”

Diamond, Gold & Emerald Cartier Panthère

What would you do for a Kit cat watch? Take a look at the all diamond cougar ladies watches by Cartier. CIRCA 1980 this watch was all the rage. Now it just doesn’t roar for her like it used to. When you get the feeling that your jewelry doesn’t quite represent you any longer, it may be time to visit one of our 12 locations.