Elizabeth Kaufman started her career at an early age. She can still remember spending time with her grandfather, sorting diamond melee stones when she was eight-years-old and then kept working for him throughout her teens in his jewelry manufacturing facility. “I hold the jewelry industry dear. I have a great fondness for the lore, the legends, and the stories of the industry; they’ve been handed down to me by my grandfather.” Elizabeth continued working in different facets of the industry; including product development and design, which led her to pursue diamond and jewelry buying. For the next 15 years, she developed an eye for diamonds and diamond buying. “I knew for some time that I wanted to work for CIRCA. I wanted to work with buyers that knew about the history of jewelry, and its value. I’ve been fortunate now to learn from the best.” “I am continuing my education every day learning about turn-of-the-century pieces and the people who have worn and loved them and have passed them down. Jewelry carries a personal history and memories of each wear. While the stories are vibrant and fascinating, we have to be prepared for a wide variety of product that could walk in the door. And we are.” Elizabeth joined CIRCA in 2016 as a buyer in the New York City Headquarters. In addition to her position in New York, she is the buyer for the Greenwich and Short Hills CIRCA offices. Elizabeth is a Graduate Gemologist (G.G.) from the Gemological Institute of America (GIA).