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31 OCTOBER 2019



De Beers Group Industry Services, a world leader in the supply of synthetic diamond detection equipment, today announced a collaboration with CIRCA, the premier global buyer of pre-owned fine diamond jewellery and watches. As part of the partnership, CIRCA will use the diamond detection equipment developed by De Beers Group Technology in its global offices.

De Beers Group Industry Services and CIRCA will also conduct joint educational consumer events in Asia, Europe and the United States, presenting the detection process for pre-owned diamond jewellery and assisting owners in authenticating the natural diamonds in their jewellery. Additionally, De Beers Group Industry Services and CIRCA intend to offer advanced diamond appreciation courses exclusively to CIRCA clients.

Jonathan Kendall, President of De Beers Group Industry Services, said: “One of our core missions at De Beers Group Industry Services is to develop and deploy ground-breaking, low-cost testing services designed to strengthen consumer confidence in diamonds, We are pleased to work with CIRCA, the leading global buyer of pre-owned diamond jewellery and timepieces, so that De Beers Group detection equipment can provide confidence by authenticating that each of the diamonds it buys are natural.”

Oren Schneider, CEO of CIRCA, said: “Natural diamonds hold significant inherent value and CIRCA acquires large volumes of pre-owned diamond pieces. Our clients trust CIRCA’s ability to authenticate their diamond jewellery, ensure product integrity and recognise the value of natural diamonds. By partnering with De Beers Group, the preeminent name in diamonds, and by using its cutting-edge diamond detection equipment in our locations, our buyers are able to assure sellers that their diamonds are natural. We’ll also be able to clearly identify and avoid buying any diamonds which are not natural at the time they are submitted."


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About De Beers Group Industry Services

De Beers Group Industry Services’ mission is to grow and strengthen confidence across the diamond industry. As such, it provides the following products and services: diamond grading (exclusively for natural, untreated diamonds); proprietary synthetic diamond detection equipment (under De Beers Group Technology); melee, parcel and set diamond verification services; and a range of expert courses relating to diamond education (under De Beers Group Institute of Diamonds).

There are three campuses of De Beers Group Institute of Diamonds: Maidenhead, UK; Antwerp, Belgium; and Surat, India. De Beers Group Industry Services has offices at each campus location. De Beers Group Technology develops its detection equipment at the Maidenhead campus.

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