What CIRCA’s Global Difference Means for Your Diamond Jewelry Resale

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Maybe your style has changed or you are trying to move on from a former relationship. Whatever the reason, you’ve noticed that your diamond jewelry doesn’t leave your jewelry box anymore. While you loved them once and wore them often, they no longer bring you the same joy. So you’ve decided that now may be the best time to sell your diamond jewelry. If this is your first time selling jewelry, you may find yourself asking some questions: How do I begin? What is my diamond worth? How can I receive the best value? To find these answers, you need a reputable diamond buyer who can provide you with a competitive diamond resale price.

There are many options to consider. Do you return to the jewelry store where you made the purchase? Do you try your luck on another diamond resale platform? While these are all possibilities, they limit the resale value of your diamond jewelry. That’s where CIRCA comes in. Let us explain how our unique skillset and global international sales platform will maximize your diamond engagement ring’s resale value.

How the Market Affects Your Diamond Resale Value

Diamonds are a global business. According to a recent article on Mining.com, the U.S. is the largest consumer market for diamonds at about 50% of global demand. However, Greater China, which includes Mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan, and India represent the industry’s fastest growing large markets. That’s important to consider as the diamond market, which in turn affects the resale value of your diamond jewelry, is driven by global demand and liquidity.

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Let’s take that diamond resale value concept back to your local jewelry store. That establishment may have limited resources available for buying preowned diamonds. In order to consider purchasing your diamond, they need to evaluate their own inventory as well as current demand for the characteristics of your diamond (such as carat, cut , clarity, and color) within their local network. If they feel they won’t be able to sell your diamond quickly , therefore tying up their financial resources, they will offer a diamond resale price significantly lower than the price a diamond specialist with a global sales reach will pay.

What Our Global Difference Means for Your Diamond Jewelry Resale

At CIRCA, on the other hand, we have an extensive international network of enthusiastic diamond collectors across the globe.

Our global customer base allows us to consider diamond markets both locally and internationally to identify where the demand is highest for your diamond engagement ring or diamond jewelry. And our customer’s strong demand for diamonds of all shapes, colors, and sizes ensures we can maximize the value way pay for your diamond when you choose to sell.

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If you’re looking to sell your diamond, CIRCA is your best option . Our diamond buyers are highly trained and, upon a physical inspection, can determine the characteristics of your diamonds of all shapes and sizes with or without GIA Diamond Grading Reports. Upon a physical inspection, our team’s knowledge, the utilization of GIA’s International Diamond Grading System™, and our global distribution network in Asia, Europe and the Americas, all give our clients confidence that they will receive the very best prices and immediate payment for the diamonds they wish to sell. To learn how you can receive a guaranteed offer from the comfort of your home or schedule a visit to receive the best value and immediate payment for your diamond , contact CIRCA.

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