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Are you looking to sell your Cartier jewelry or watch? There comes a time when the jewelry and watches you own are more about your past than your present or your future. Tastes and priorities change. CIRCA’s world-renowned jewelry buyers are the most highly trained and knowledgeable Cartier jewelry and Cartier watch buyers in the world. Sell your Cartier jewelry to a trusted buyer.  CIRCA’s jewelry buyers deeply respect the value and craftsmanship that are hallmarks of Cartier’s Jewelry collections. Whether you are selling a Cartier art deco brooch from the 1920s or if you’re looking to sell a modern Rose Gold Ballon Bleu Cartier watch. CIRCA’s experts understand the value and desirability of Cartier pieces and will pay the highest prices for the Cartier items you wish to sell.

How To Sell Your Cartier Jewelry

CIRCA provides a few convenient ways to sell your fine jewelry. You can make an appointment to meet in person at any of our 12 private office locations worldwide. You may also consider our free and insured shipping service, within the US. Call or text us at 877.876.5493 to communicate with a buyer or to schedule an appointment. Or you may complete the contact form. Then we'll contact you within one business day to answer any of your questions. On the day of your appointment, a CIRCA buyer will examine the jewelry you wish to sell. Each one of your pieces will be assessed separately, noting its history, condition and value. CIRCA will offer you our highest prices for the jewelry you wish to sell. If you accept, you’ll receive immediate payment.


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Cartier Jewelry We Purchase

CIRCA jewelry buyers specialize in purchasing all types of Cartier jewelry and Cartier watches ranging from the storied art deco era to the iconic Cartier LOVE collection and beyond. CIRCA purchases jewelry and watches  from all Cartier collections including but not limited to: Amulette de Cartier, Baignoire, Baignoire Hypnose, Baignoire S, Ballerine, Ballon Bleu, Calibre de Cartier, Captive de Cartier, Cartier Art Deco, Cartier Libre, Delices de Cartier,  Diamants Légers de Cartier, Juste en clous, La Dona de Cartier, LOVE, L’yodssée de Cartier,  Panthére de Cartier,  Paris Nouvelle Vague, Pasha, Roadster, Ronde Louis Cartier, Ronde Solo, Rotonde de Cartier, Santos 100, Santos Demoiselle, Santos Dumont, Santos Galbee, Tank Americaine, Tank Francaise, Tank Louis Cartier, Tank Solo, Tankissime, Tonneau, Tortue, Trinity de Cartier and other diamond Cartier jewelry and watches.


Each one of your pieces will be evaluated individually, noting the Cartier name, materials, value, and history. You will receive a purchase offer on every piece and payment is immediate.