We find that our clients sell their diamonds for many reasons. Some find that their diamond jewelry spends most of its time in a vault. Others are interested in selling their engagement ring because they’re ready for closure. And when a diamond ring is left as an inheritance for multiple family members, dividing it between siblings sets up a problem. Dividing a check is the solution. CIRCA provides a rewarding way to sell the diamonds and jewelry you no longer want or need. We offer immediate payment so you can focus on things in life that really matter - travel, education, real investments. Our diamond buyers purchase diamonds of all shapes and sizes. Why? Because we have the customers. While trends may come and go, CIRCA sells diamonds every day, and we sell a lot of them. Steady demand for our diamonds means the highest prices paid for yours. Our diamond buyers are well aware of what determines value. Understanding the “four C’s” (cut, color, clarity, and carat size) of your diamond is where we start when making a purchase offer. CIRCA also assigns premium pricing to Cartier, VCA, Harry Winston, and Graff diamond jewelry. Whether you are selling a single diamond ring or an entire collection of diamond jewelry, CIRCA will make our best offers for the diamonds that no longer bring you joy.


CIRCA provides the very best selling experience

I’m so pleased that I chose CIRCA. Their generous offer was more than I expected, my experience was 100% positive. I highly recommend CIRCA.

- New York City Seller

Diamond Ring

CIRCA exceeded my expectations. The expert who examined my jewelry was great at answering all my questions. I got an excellent price for my jewelry.

- Beverly Hills Seller

Cartier Diamond & Onyx Gold Bracelet

It was easy, and customer service was really responsive. I would recommend CIRCA to anyone.

- Chicago Seller

VCA Diamond & Sapphire Ring

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