Selling Jewelry Can Fund New Purchases

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If your jewelry spends more time in a box than it does on you, it may be time to sell. CIRCA provides a luxury service to transform the jewelry you no longer want or need into immediate payment. Now they can serve a new function - funding a vacation, holiday gifts, your savings account, or better yet – the purchase of new jewelry that you do want to wear.

Your jewelry collection is beautiful and personal. You remember the story behind each piece, whether it was a gift, an inheritance, or special jewel you purchased for yourself. And while you admire the collection you have accumulated over the years, you find that you aren’t wearing some of your jewelry.

When was the last time you wore those David Webb earrings to dinner? Or that Cartier ring you simply had to have, but hasn’t left the box?

When your jewelry is too shy to come out and sparkle, it may be time to part ways. It’s true there was something you loved about it once. But every time you think about going out together, you have some excuse to leave the old jewels behind. Maybe it’s because you’ve simplified your wardrobe over the years, or perhaps your style has changed and you’ve been waiting to treat yourself to new jewelry to wear. Whatever the reason may be, one thing is certain; while your old jewels were there for you once, keeping them hidden away is not how they were meant to be enjoyed. Jewelry is meant to be worn and loved.

CIRCA provides a luxury service for clients looking to give new life to the jewelry they no longer wear. We will buy the watches, diamonds and fine jewelry you’ve decided you’re ready to part with. With immediate payment, selling your old jewelry has never been more rewarding. Now they can serve a new function - funding a vacation, holiday gifts, your savings account, or better yet – the purchase of new jewelry that you do want to wear. We believe that finding value is always in style.

Why You Should Sell the Jewelry You No Longer Wear

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Your old jewelry has value. Selling our unwanted diamonds and jewelry can help finance the things we really do want. Selling the diamond ring your grandmother left you could help fund the vacation your family’s been planning. Selling the watch that lays hidden in your drawer can turn into holiday gifts for the loved ones in your life. Or maybe you can treat yourself to those new shoes you’ve had your eyes on by selling the earrings you haven’t worn since your sister’s wedding…. 12 years ago.

Selling your old diamonds and jewelry can also help reduce the impact on the planet; every recycled piece is one less jewel that needs to be manufactured or diamond that needs to be mined. And while you may no longer wear your diamond bracelet or earrings, someone else will certainly enjoy them. Demand is strong for both modern and vintage jewelry, especially those attributed to famous makers such as Cartier and Van Cleef. Selling the diamonds and jewelry we no longer wear can lead to the joy we’re looking for by decluttering our lives - and our minds.

“With immediate payment, selling your old jewelry has never been more rewarding. Now they can serve a new function - funding a vacation, holiday gifts, your savings account, or better yet – the purchase of new jewelry that you do want to wear.”

What Jewelry Is Worth Selling?

Sell inherited jewelry that doesn’t fit your style or lifestyle: The Art Deco ring you inherited is boxy and geometric. You get it. But your style is feminine and minimalist. And the Art Nouveau brooch from your mother, while you may like the curves and craftsmanship, you’ll certainly never wear. It’s beautiful, but who wears pins today? Selling estate jewelry that has been sitting in a vault for years can be more rewarding than you think. You’ll have peace of mind and can use the payment to buy the jewelry you love to wear.

Sell gifted jewelry that you neither wear nor want: If you’ve received birthday or anniversary gifts through the years, but never found yourself wearing any of them, you may have wondered what to do with them. Selling could be the answer. The funds can help to purchase gifts that will be truly appreciated - for yourself or your loved ones.

Sell the watches or jewelry you’ve purchased but have grown tired of: The Cartier Panthère ring is nice, but a bit ostentatious. You just can’t look at your VCA Alhambra necklace anymore. It’s the one everyone else wears. It’s time to sell the Cartier and Van Cleef jewelry you once loved, but no longer brings you joy.

Sell impractical jewelry: Sell the earrings that are too heavy for your ears. Sell the diamond necklace that’s too bold for the PTA meeting. Sell the vintage bracelet that doesn’t fit with the sleekness of your Cartier LOVE bangles. You want your jewelry collection to be bold, beautiful and functional. If you aren’t wearing it, now may be the best time to sell.

Where to Sell Your Jewelry for the Best Value?

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Once you’ve had time to think about the jewelry you are interested in selling, you want to make sure you are receiving the best value. That’s why you should visit CIRCA. Established in the year 2000, CIRCA has redefined the jewelry selling experience by combining renowned expertise, the best value, and immediate payment. CIRCA provides the price your jewelry’s been looking for. Our jewelry buyers are the unparalleled world leaders in understanding the value of diamonds, fine jewelry, and watches. We purchase pieces ranging from simple diamond engagement rings to entire estates of rare vintage jewelry. Our specialists evaluate thousands of pieces of fine jewelry and watches each month and will provide the very best value for the jewelry you wish to sell. And when deciding where to sell jewelry, remember that nothing says ‘expertise’ like immediate payment. Should you accept an offer, CIRCA provides immediate payment – then and there. Letting go has never been more rewarding.

It’s time to turn the jewels that no longer bring joy into things that do. Create new memories, fund new purchases, invest in tomorrow. Most importantly, enjoy this Holiday season.

5 Ways Selling Jewelry Can Be Rewarding

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