Jeffrey Singer

New York City, Greenwich, Short Hills

Jeffrey Singer’s encyclopedic knowledge of jewelry and watches is legendary, but it is his unbridled enthusiasm for the subject matter that’s so infectious. Mr. Singer comes from a long line of jewelers, and his childhood was spent looking at and studying precious pieces. “I loved being in my family’s office, listening to my father and his siblings as they evaluated beautiful jewelry,” he allows. “I remember how impressed I was with every piece of jewelry I saw. I’m sure some of the things I saw were spectacular and some not, but at seven years old I thought they were all treasures.” Singer trained arduously and rose through the ranks of his family’s estate jewelry house, New York-based M and L Singer, which remained a leader in the industry for more than 50 years. It was through his vast experience that Singer saw a void that existed when it came to the private sale of personal jewelry. To that end, he and his team opened SellJewelry in 2000. The goal was this: Give clients a way to sell their unwanted jewelry by providing unparalleled service, total discretion, and a luxurious environment. In 2005 SellJewelry was rebranded as CIRCA, where Singer remains a Co-Founder and Vice President. Singer treats every client with care. “Selling jewelry is not an everyday event for people, and I understand that,” he says. “We may buy every day, but we never lose sight of what someone goes through emotionally when they decide to let go. We are here to inform and to educate. At a certain point, it’s not about the jewelry on the desk but the person sitting opposite us.” Mr. Singer is a founding member of the New York Jewelers Group, a 15-year-old organization made up of New York-based industry executives. Most recently Singer was elected into the 24 Karat Club of New York, an elite invite-only club serving the jewelry industry and limited to only 200 members. “Being a co-founder of CIRCA and involved since the very beginning, I have many wonderful stories,” Singer says. “It’s impossible to pick a favorite, because at the end of every client meeting after I have delivered a check, I always ask what they plan to do with their newfound money. Sometimes it’s to finance school tuition for a child or grandchild or to embark on a home renovation, or any number of things. It’s just wonderful to see that they’re happy that they could take a non-performing asset and convert it into something with meaning. My favorite use of funds? A vacation!”

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