Rosemary Leung

Rosemary Leung joined CIRCA in 2012, as the Director of CIRCA Hong Kong.  She discovered her love for jewelry through her passion for old European paintings.  “I travel to different European cities every year to see paintings, especially portraits.  I am always fascinated by the details and designs of the jewelry worn back in the day,” she says in excitement while speaking about her two passions.  “Chinese families are commonly interested in collecting solitaires, Rolexes, and branded pieces. My time in Europe and the time I spent working in the US allowed me to explore period pieces, which I have a huge interest in.”

Ms. Leung received her diamond and colored stone grading training from the GIA.  Having studied in Australia and worked in London, New York, and Hong Kong, she understands cultural differences.  “There is still a stigma to selling jewelry in the Asian markets, I understand very well my clients’ concerns, as my own family shares the same mentality.”  Due to the market differences, Leung comprehends the importance of sharing her knowledge in jewelry and watches and strives to educate her clients on the advantages of selling and keeping specific pieces.