Rosemary Leung

Hong Kong

Rosemary Leung was born and raised in Hong Kong, and in keeping with Chinese tradition she received a jade pendant and bangle when she was a child. The cool, milky green stone is thought to have healing and calming qualities, and thus a good way to promote better sleep in children. “I remember playing with that bangle on my wrist,” Leung says now. “I think that was my earliest jewelry memory.” Later on, Leung started collecting Elsa Peretti pieces from Tiffany. “I loved those pieces for many years,” she says. “But eventually my style changed and I decided to sell them. That’s when I first started to understand the idea of the recycling concept that is an integral part of CIRCA’s philosophy. To this day, I like to tell my clients about my own selling experience, and I think it helps them understand the process.” Leung joined CIRCA in 2012 and serves as the Director of CIRCA Hong Kong. She holds a B.S. in Applied Psychology from the University of Southern Queensland and is GIA certified in diamond grading. She is considered one of the foremost experts in Art Deco jewelry. “At CIRCA we value the time we spend with our clients,” Leung says, “I want all of my clients to ask me as many questions as needed, and I enjoy explaining the origin and history of each individual piece.”

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